At CLI we embrace the following core values:

  • Environmental responsibility for eco-tourism,

  • Sustainable Practices,

  • Cultural sensitivity,

  • Innovation and practicality,

…that culminates in creating meaningful and memorable spaces that increase the value of our clients’ properties.

CLI’s philosophy is one of creating excellent Lifestyles, rather than just creating landscapes. We create Lifestyles that suit all ages, from children up to the elderly and disadvantaged. Over 35 years Gary has had experience in all aspects of landscapes for all ages, i.e. from Child care centres, children’s playgrounds in public parks, swimming pools, aged care gardens and even gardens for blind people. For resorts and gated communities CLI’s excellent Lifestyles suit every individual person.

At CLI we are sensitive to cultural, social and environmental factors in the surrounding area where a project is located.

This involves adequately informing ourselves about the immediate local culture and local work skills. As much as possible we try to incorporate products using local artisans’ skills.

It also involves becoming aware of benefits and disadvantages of the project towards local residents within close proximity.